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  1. APSS  Panel


Concept of Operation

The (APSS) unit has an ionic treatment with a combination of special materials that creates super-conductivity with a negative resistance, which acts as a current source in the network that allows us to add a component, in the direction of the current active power and another one in the direction of the inactive power. Therefore, we reduce the power consumed (KW), from the source without affecting the load. 


The Advantages of  the APSS Panel

Ø  Achieves saving from 20 – 30 % over the consumed active power for networks that are supplied through transformers.

Ø  Achieves saving from 30 – 40 % over the fuel consumption for networks that are supplied through generators.

Ø  Power factor improvement that reaches up to 0.99 which makes the client benefits from avoiding paying penalties over the inactive power.

Ø  The network resistance reduced due to the energy exchange between the APSS unit and the different load, therefore, the consumed current   from the source reduced.

Ø  APSS unit works on minimizing the network losses and acts as a voltage stabilizer to a certain extent, which leads to reduce the consumed current from the source.

Ø  APSS unit can handle each phase separately which leads to balance the load of the network, therefore it minimizes the current flow through the neutral cable of the network.

Ø  APSS unit minimizes, in some applications, the harmonics in the network (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th & 13th).


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