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Various control systems PLC, SCADA, Automation systems

PLC Technology

Programmable logic controllers or PLC’s have been around forever (in technological terms). Their proven reliability in harsh environments together with their ability to handle multiple inputs and outputs has made them the cornerstone in the majority of modern day industrial control systems

PLC systems can be combined with most other technologies to provide a sophisticated control and monitoring solution. It is reassuring to know that the PLC is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

The most common architecture we prefer is a PLC to do the real-time control and monitoring with a HMI terminal as the operator interface. In other words; PLC systems give:


SCADA system

Is an integrated control system in the industrial process, part of it or specialized in a particular mechanism, used in the control of the system HMI_Products. PLC is a basic controller for the industrial process, but it is distinguished by the fact that the PLC is connected to display and control screens, which can be used to review the values ​​and readings of engine speed, fluid level or amount of flow, or show an illustration of loads for loads and locations, Which is chosen by the factory - the institution to be seen or controlled through HMI devices is a shortcut to the Human Machine Interface, which means in Arabic simulation screen between the machine and man, which makes the tracking of the industrial process simpler and easier by viewing it as images and colors moving through a screen reflecting the industrial situation.


Automation of industrial processes System:

Is a comprehensive and large concept of control, and differs from one system to another for the different components of each system itself, and is intended to be a comprehensive management of the processes of control of industrial processes and productivity in general, so it is in this system to control the various processes and view them in different signal methods, but the system is characterized by providing some indications The task of managing the plant - the industrial establishment, such as the quantities of production, and the plans express the speed of production and working hours, and some alerts, such as technical problems, and periodic maintenance, and some things that are directly related to the management of the industrial process.


Our Services Offered:

Al-Lozi team seeks to provide the various control solutions to be characterized by the performance of the nudity provided and effectiveness and economic method used, in order to provide the solution that our customers wish to constantly, the control systems in general, the services are characterized by the following:

1 - Identify the system to be controlled through technical visits to the site of the process to be controlled.
2. Provide a comprehensive description of the industrial process and the proposed solutions.
3 - Commitment to implement the system according to the agreed time period and experience and delivery.
4 - Delivery of data describing the process of controlling the system and its components, for reference to facilitate system maintenance.
5. Other services related to the privacy of each system.

Finally, we strive to address all problems. In our implementation, we aim to develop and facilitate the concept of control and to add our touch to the various control processes.


Our Products

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