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Power Factor Correction Panels

The importance of this coefficient is the fact that it represents the ratio of actual energy consumed to the ratio of energy inefficient "effective response" consumed, a trigonometric value ranging between the lowest value of "0" and the highest value of "1", and all in the electrical systems to maintain the value of power factor to be soon Of 1, this makes your electric bills pay for the consumption of your plant / facility for actual power, and excludes any fines that may be caused by a low power factor.


The efficiency of the power consumption depends on the type of loads consumed, which directly affect the value of the power factor such as fluorescent loads of neon, welding machines, air conditioners, electric motors, and other loads that affect the power factor negatively and reduce its value.


We provide the best solution for this problem through the correction panels of the power factor which automatically control its value through a control panel containing intelligent logic ruler that controls the value of the power factor and keeps it constant regardless of the change in the consumption of loads of energy, which gives a lot of practical benefits to factories and installations:
1. Remove the electric fines to decrease the power factor value.
2. Reduce the total energy consumption measured in KVA.
3 - Reduce the electrical noise in the cables.
4- Reducing the electrical load on main electrical transformers.
5- Increasing the efficiency of the system and the age of electrical devices.


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