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for Manufacturing and Trading of Electrical Panels


High Performance
Vector Control AC Frequency Inverter More than 12 years Experience as professional manufacture of frequency inverters

frecon alatheer
frecon inverters alatheer
Main Features

• DC/AC Input Compatible DC: Solar PV power Supply AC Diesel Generator or Grid Supply
• No Buttery
• Optimized MPPT Arithmetic Accuracy. Reached 99%and above
• Multi-liquid-level Control Less Water, Full Water Liquid-Level Control, Liquid-Level Detector Failure Adjustment.
• Pumping Water Much Water pumping on the same circumstance.
• Rich Protection Function Featured with Protection Functions of Lightning-proof, Over-voltage,Over-current, Over-load, etc.
• Dormancy on Weak Light, Awaken on Strong Light. Auto-dormancy on weak light, auto recover working on strong light, no need man-made operation.

DC/AC Input Compatible DC
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