for Manufacturing and Trading of Electrical Panels


High Performance
Vector Control AC Frequency Inverter More than 12 years Experience as professional manufacture of frequency inverters

Main Features

• DC/AC Input Compatible DC: Solar PV power Supply AC Diesel Generator or Grid Supply
• No Buttery
• Optimized MPPT Arithmetic Accuracy. Reached 99%and above
• Multi-liquid-level Control Less Water, Full Water Liquid-Level Control, Liquid-Level Detector Failure Adjustment.
• Pumping Water Much Water pumping on the same circumstance.
• Rich Protection Function Featured with Protection Functions of Lightning-proof, Over-voltage,Over-current, Over-load, etc.
• Dormancy on Weak Light, Awaken on Strong Light. Auto-dormancy on weak light, auto recover working on strong light, no need man-made operation.

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