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for Manufacturing and Trading of Electrical Panels


GEMO products are a wide range of different control devices, the most important of which are intelligent PLC controllers of the AR1 and AR2 models.

These PLCs cover the small medium control areas where the number of inlets and outputs is 48 inputs and outputs, and GEMO provides temperature controllers , Time and quantity enumerators, and other control devices.

All the products of this company are available at the Lozi exhibitions, and provide technical support on the phone, and the services of programming and installation of logical devices can be reviewed technical information for products by browsing the pages of each product:

1-PLC controller of AR1.

2-PLC controller of AR2.

3. Temperature controller using the LT102 Off / On controller.

4. Digital measuring devices - DPM48, DPM72 electric panel system.

5. Timer On-Time Timer - DZ482, DZ721, DZ900.

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