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for Manufacturing and Trading of Electrical Panels


ALATHEER Electrical Panel & Control Systems designs, assembles and builds-up top quality, long life electrical systems (switchgear panel boards, Motor control Centers, PLC Systems, & custom Control panels) to the highest standard of customer expectations. Quality workmanship and pride go into every AL-LLOUZI System.
Taking Pride In Our Systems


Effective implementation of Electrical systems is crucial if, as a society, we are to succeed in meeting the electrical system requirements of the new millennium, recognizing this imperative,
ALATHEER has made the electrical systems market its sole focus since establishing the company and has defined its vision and mission statements to reflect this focus.

challenge, and speeds the development of new innovations. ALATHEER uses worldwide component sources and its own engineering expertise to build and customize its products to individual customer requirements.

We know from experience that looking ahead is important in the electrical systems business. That is why we have invested heavily in designing capabilities, giving us capacity to meet growing demand.
Leadership, innovation and outstanding service result from a personal commitment to serve the needs of a wide variety of customers. ALATHEER's
team of talented, flexible and skilled employees is committed to producing electrical systems that are second-to-none.


Standards vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from user to user. At ALATHEER have built our reputation by maintaining a uniformly high standard for each system we supply for each end-user. Our standards are derived from the basic concepts implemented in assembling all control systems, that is to say AL-LOUZI, as a control panel designer and assembler, anticipates customer needs and utilizes those devices required to maintain state-of-the-art workmanship in the industry.
Everything we do and everything we deliver to our customers is subject to exceptionally high standards of quality; standards that we have set for ourselves and that our customers have always come to expect

An achievement, which is a solid testimony of our hard work and determination. We have, equally, implemented a programmed of continuous quality and process control at each and every stage of design, production and after-sales service.
The purpose of these measures is to ensure that we can maintain our incomparable level of quality and supply of reliable products at shortest delivery periods.


Only top quality components are utilized in our control system designs. All parts are subjected to rigid testing and inspection standards. Inspection checkoff is required prior to testing. Components incorporated in our control panels are readily available from local distributors in most areas. We are committed to our quality control system, and AL-LOUZI adheres to an array of strict
company policies relating to quality, health & safety and to the environment.
Prior to shipment, each control system is tested against the system specifications to assure adherence to the requirements. Each condition is pre-setand every function for that condition is evaluated to test for compliance, and we insure stringent checks from the initial stages to final stages of production process, and we also consider time management so that our product can be delivered to our customers within the committed time frame, we entrust the mandatory procedure of planning, directing, implementing and controlling at every production stage, in order to stay in accordance with the global standers and the fast growing competitive word.

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